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Tech-X European Simulation Summit : Plasma Discharges 2017

We are pleased to announce a Tech-X European Simulation Summit focussed on VSim for Plasma Discharges will take place from Monday 22nd May 2017 at 13:30 to the afternoon of 24th May 2017. It will be hosted by Dr Jonathan Smith, and take place at our European headquarters at Sci-Tech Daresbury, Keckwick Lane, Warrington, England. It is now open to receive contributed presentation abstracts.

Those presenting will have their registration fees waived.

As well as an opportunity to network and share tips and tricks with VSim, Tech-X colleague James McGugan and Jonathan will be addressing some topics from the following list, and some advanced topics will be delivered from world experts in their fields at our Boulder, Colorado, USA parent company head office.

  1. external circuits/feedback
  2. advanced loading of complex phase spaces
  3. computing spectra for electrons/ions incident onto surfaces
  4. computing emittances
  5. spatially dependent eedf
  6. tracking particles
  7. looking at subselections of particles
  8. adding your own cross-sections
  9. advanced visualisation and remoting with VisIt
  10. Ion source models (Ambipolar, penning, VADIS, ECRIS)
  11. Ion source capabilities in USim (via webex)
  12. Scaling laws for ion thruster - > applicability to ion sources
  13. Higher order particles for electrostatic calculations
  14. Running with inflated electron masses
  15. Understanding performance of plasma simulations
  16. Tutorial on ES matrices
  17. progress towards a new reaction framework and roadmap for VSim for Plasma Discharges

We are unlikely to have time to cover all the topics, so if there are topics above you are particularly keen to have included, please let us know so we can ensure they are scheduled

We will charge a nominal fee for attendance of £100 + VAT for the TESS workshop, which will cover the cost of hiring the meeting room and some of James flights. Refreshments and lunches may be purchased from the on site cafateria and coffee shop. We note there is limited availability at some nearby hotels, so we would recommend the Daresbury Park hotel for this workshop. It is about one mile to the south-west of the Daresbury campus.

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