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Visual Analytics Consulting

Custom Visualization and Analytics With VisIt

Tech-X provides support, plug-in development, and custom implementations for VisIt, the interactive parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool for viewing scientific data, developed by the Department of Energy.

Tech-X Can Help Create Your Visualizations

We can deliver:

Using the VizSchemaVisualization Schema

Composer Toolkit

Vizschema allows users to add provenance and other metadata to hdf5 files, improving their readablity and enabling data readers to automagically display appropriate information, and aiding with data curation. Provenance information can be important in diagnosing which configuration of a software tool was used to generate data - which is essential for answering the age old scientific question: ‘ What changed ’. Using vizschema helps us with:

With Tech-X's Composer Toolkit you can introduce a GUI that will enable your staff to visualize scientific models and processes.

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