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The mission for research for Tech-X UK Ltd and Tech-X Corporation is the same.

Tech-X Corporation projects are contract and grant-funded research and development efforts, designed to answer specific research questions or provide tools and techniques to the scientific community. Tech-X provides a distinctive set of in-demand competencies. Our projects culminate in specialized skills, advanced technologies and commercial products that enable large-scale scientific computing solutions and offer a greater understanding of physical processes. Areas of expertise are:science cover

Tech-X Corporation collaborates with the U.S. Department of Energy as well as world-renowned independent research labs like Brookhaven National Laboratory and institutions such as the University of Colorado, producing significant solutions to real-world problems. Tech-X creates dual-use (government and industry) R&D software with applications in aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, and photonics. Our expertise includes high-performance computing (HPC), modeling and data analysis, physics, grid computing, and HPC infrastructure (viz, remote data access).

Tech-X has been singularly successful in obtaining funding from Federal sources to help meet national needs. One of the most successful DOE SBIR companies in the nation, Tech-X staff hold national leadership positions in computational science, including leadership of the DOE FACETS project for the Office of Fusion Energy Science and membership within 6 SciDAC projects across 4 DOE offices. Tech-X also provides Tec HPC support for NREL solar devices proposal.

Tech-X has created high-paying, clean-industry jobs for over 60 highly paid employees at its headquarters in Colorado; doubling head count in only 3 years. Our company has financial infrastructure in place for both commercial and federal work.