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Plasma Devices

VSim PD is the Vorpal simulation package for plasma devices. VSim PD performs kinetic modeling of discharge devices and very general purpose simulation problems sch as ion thrusters and satellite charging. With VSim PD, you can see the resolution of kinetic effects, which are not observable in fluid simulations.

Satellite image

Instead of fluid-based simulation, for the first time ever you can perform numerically efficient kinetic simulation of arbitrary pressure gas discharges. VSim PD does full kinetics for arbitrary pressure gas discharges and provides the rich physics for sputtering problems. With VSim PD, you will have the ability to solve full size problems including R-Z geometry.

VSim PD's rich set of examples reduces your learning curve and enables you to enjoy immediate results in plasma processing simulation and atmospheric pressure plasma modeling. VSim PD performs accurate simulations of a full scale device by exploiting parallel computing power on any platform: Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X.

CCP image

Vorpal provides a number of features, some of which uniquely allow you to make accurate simulations spanning the entire field plasma devices: