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Integration Consulting

Tech-X engineers can enable you to make better use of your computational resources and gain better understanding of the designs for your devices and process.

Computational Analysis

Visualization tools make viewing and understanding simulation results easier. Our engineers can develop application-specific graphical user interfaces, that access remote computing resources to deliver data from multiple sources. We can set up a pipeline that includes visualizing remote data, creating Web-based workflows control through Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) or state-of-the art middleware. We can implement the latest libraries of numerical algorithms and distributed computing methods to provide you with faster analyses on your computing resources.

Composer Toolkit

The Composer Toolkit facilitates the construction of high-quality, cross-platform graphical user interfaces suitable for interacting with high-performance computational applications running locally, on clusters, or on remote resources such as leadership class computers with hundreds of thousands of processor cores. Users of computational applications in High Performance Computing (HPC) environments are hampered by the difficulties of aggregating the various operations involved in running simulations such as input setup, run management, visualization, and other post-processing analysis. The Composer Toolkit provides a foundation for building high-quality, crossplatform, graphical user interfaces that overcome these difficulties. Contact Tech-X Sales to discuss your Integration needs.