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Antenna modelling with the VSim EM package

Vorpal is a flexible, multiplatform, Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulation tool for running computationally intensive plasma, electromagnetic and electrostatic problems. Switch easily between 1, 2, or 3 dimensions then watch your model run lightning fast using algorithms designed for the exacting demands of high performance computing systems, whether on your laptop or supercomputing cluster.

Whatever your antenna problem, we have solutions to help you with the modelling.Horn Antenna

VSim EM is the Vorpal Simulation (VSim) package for Electromagnetics. VSim EM solves electromagnetic problems for a variety of material types, yielding engineering outputs that can be used for design of electromagnetic devices.

Dielectric Scattering With VSim EM, you can easily obtain the desired engineering output from your simulation and quickly determine the validity of your model for use in the design of a device. Various output types, such as S-parameters and antenna gain, are simple to achieve with VSim EM. Simulating different materials is as easy or complex as you like. With our powerful multifield interface you can choose to model novel materials. Even modeling large, detailed problems in multiple dimensionality is straightforward with VSim EM.

As part of the Vorpal computational framework, no matter your electromagnetic modeling requirements, from antenna design to photonics to metamaterials, VSim EM is the economical simulation tool with the easy learning curve that will decrease your time from design to device manufacture.


Predator Drone


Photonic Crystal

Example Simulations Included

These example problems that demonstrate complex geometry, dielectrics, scattering, and advanced analysis are included with VSim EM to jumpstart finding the solution to your problem: