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Tech-X UK Ltd was founded in 2009 as an advanced R&D support organisation. As a fully owned subsidiary of Tech-X Corp, we can offer the dynamism and flexibility of a start-up, with the knowledge and experience of an established business.

Tech-X UK delivers innovative solutions to specific scientific research questions. Our skills, expertise, technologies and commercial products enable large-scale computational simulation offering technical insight into a variety of problems. Among Tech-X core competencies are the simulation of processes, devices, and physical systems related to plasma physics, fusion, and accelerator technologies, performed on computer systems ranging from desktops to Grand Challenge class high-performance computers. By creating software for simulations and the infrastructure to support our research development, we are able to increase our understanding of complex physical phenomena.

Tech-X Corporation is a research organisation with approx 70 staff, most of whom are trained to doctoral level or above with qualifications in physics and computational science and computer science. Together, we are equipped to help you solve the most taxing computational challenges of our age.

Tech-X has the skill and the experience to port your software to multiple platforms including:

Using Tech-X's Bilder infrastructure, which is combined with Jenkins for continuous integration, we use an efficient, automated process to continuously build and test complex software chains.

Tech-X performs continuous Quality Analysis for both Correctness and optimal Performance.

Our development process integrates continuous improvement of algorithms, data structures, and methods.

We produce Middleware for Distributed Computing and control Dashboards for monitoring experiments.


Tech-X’s mission is to provide customers with the best computational software and engineering services to enable their breakthroughs. Tech-X has 18 years of experience in: